What Are Software Development Trends that Will Dominate 2021

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Our technology is evolving constantly and improving on an annual basis. This is true for both hardware and software capabilities. New apps are released with the possibility of integration to make existing software or platform even better, more secure, or to increase their computing power. Since we are an improvement-oriented society that loves to compete on the market there are definitely going to be new trends this time around, in terms of software capabilities. Here we will go over some of these new software development trends for the year 2021. 

More Emphasis on Cybersecurity 

Ever since the incident with Cambridge Analytica, or even more precisely when Edward Snowden revealed how data is collected by the government, there was a strong emphasis on security and digital anonymity. Moreover, the recent pandemic kind of forced a lot of businesses to shift to a cloud environment. So, all of these changes put more priority on higher cybersecurity. 

Apple is definitely a trendsetter in this domain, as they have made both strong claims and made changes to their software infrastructure to support these claims. You can pay anonymously, use apps that guarantee anonymity, and it is also harder for third-party data collection tools to get your personal data. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI has been trending for the past decade or so, and we are getting more and more refined algorithms that can help us with difficult computing tasks. Nowadays we have software that can monitor interaction on social networks, and that can also personalize the browsing experience of platform users. This predictive analytics is widely used nowadays, and since it helps generate more revenue, there are a lot of funds invested into improving and refining that type of AI. 

Going digital also meant that a lot of companies have embraced automated speech recognition(ASR) and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). This can be used for improving customer experience and even help customer support officers better understand the concern of the clients. Lastly, the better our AI capabilities the more reliable robotics will be down the line.   

Big Data and Internet of Things

There is a big emphasis on strong analytical tools that can process and transform big data into more meaningful and actionable suggestions for decision-makers within a company. So tools that can aggregate data, transform it while in the pipeline, and generate visual reports are also on the rise. 

Moreover, we are adding more and more devices to the Internet of Things arsenal, so living in those homes that resemble a starship with complex AI will definitely be a thing of reality at one point. Devices like Alexa and Siri are becoming common household appliances, and we can regulate a lot of devices in our home on voice command.