Tips to Protect Your Digital Privacy

3 min read

Over the past few years, we witnessed quite a few scandals that pertain to our personal information or digital privacy and companies that mishandled that data. This led to concerns and anxieties in internet users, and businesses like VPN managed to flourish. Moreover, Apple decided to capitalize on these fears and added a bunch of new features or encryptions that allow only them to handle user data. 

This is all very good, and it seems people are collectively waking up to the realities of how their information is used by companies. So, let’s go over some tips on how you can protect your digital privacy.  

Carefully Approach Websites

The first thing you can do is avoid websites that lack basic security measures like encrypted protocol. Meaning, if the website doesn’t use “HTTPS” in front of its web address, avoid spending time on such websites.

Create Strong Passwords 

Another way to increase the level of safety is to have a strong password, at least on websites that handle sensitive information. You should not use the same password on multiple websites anyway but make sure that the most important platforms have a high number of randomized characters and symbols.

Two-factor Authentication 

You can ensure that no one can access your email or your online banking service, by adding authentication to your login process. These apps can be downloaded on both Google and Apple stores, and they are easy to set up. Once these measures are in place no one will be able to access your site until you approve that login via cell phone.

Use VPN  

VPN might make your internet a bit slower, but it makes it difficult for anyone to track where you are and locate your actual IP address. Meaning, websites cannot capture your personal data and use it to bombard you with ads. Also, if you are using any streaming services you get to unlock the content that’s not available in your country, so win-win. 

Install Malware Detector or Anti-Virus

Even if the Windows firewall is very good nowadays, you should still have software that can scan and clean your computer. New malware is really deceptive and it’s easy to buy, so you can end up picking ransomware if you are not careful and lose control over your data. 

Read User Reviews

Sometimes we cannot find what we want to buy on trusted platforms and we start to browse the web to find that product. Sooner or later we end up on a site that seems legitimate and has a good offer. Before you sign up or make a payment do a bit of research and see if anyone was scammed on that platform. Users tend to be really vocal about these negative experiences and share them on Reddit or other platforms. 


So, these were some quick tips on how to increase your digital security. You can also opt to use Apple products as they offer better encryption, but they are more expensive so it’s up to you.