The Best Video Game Engines in 2021

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Video games are often built on top of an engine, a core that can determine the way a game can be developed. Some engines are optimized for speed while others allow RPGs to be developed in such a way that promotes choices and variations. Needless to say, developing a game is much easier if you have access to an engine. Here are the top engines for video games in 2021

Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine 5 is yet to be released, but Unreal Engine has been one of the foundations of modern gaming since its inception, with the early Unreal Tournaments and Unreal games. Unreal Engine 4 has been used with so many AAA video games that one can only expect its successor to bring even more possibilities to the market. This engine offers a lot of powerful tools and solutions for both 2D and 3D gaming, as well as features which you can only dream of. It’s free, but you have to pay royalty fees.


Unity is the go-to platform for those who want to develop a video game but do not want to delve deep into low-level programming and coding which makes optimized AAA titles amazing. That being said, Unity has been around for a while and we have had some amazing games made on this engine. Unity works on almost all systems, making a great engine if you want to code for multiple platforms. Unity is also great because it is free for personal use, but one must pay if they want to use it commercially. Beginner developers often dabble in Unity because it is free.


CryEngine is what powers the famous video game series, Far Cry. The engine itself is powerful and open-source, available to everybody who wants to use it. There are, however, paid features, but they simply enhance the engine and help developers get their product ready for selling faster. CryEngine is every bit as powerful as Unreal, so have that in mind if you want an engine that can help you develop a visual masterpiece. It is also great with VR.


Godot is a great engine for beginners to start with. Why? It has a great community that is ready to help anybody get their feet wet. The engine uses its own script, making it a bit more annoying to deal with, but since it resembles Python, it is not as bad as some make it out to be. The language is called GDScript. Godot is open-source and free and you can use and reuse it as you like. This makes the engine friendly to newcomers, as well as seasoned developers.

Game Maker: Studio

This is a popular choice for absolute beginners because no coding is necessary to make a video game. Instead, one needs to drag and drop objects and choose functions and they will have a video game. This is a great way of engaging children and teaching them programming.

These are the top engines that you can use to build games in 2021. These engines should cover everyone’s needs, from the absolute beginner to the expert developer.