The Best iGaming Open Source Platforms

3 min read

Online gambling, or iGaming, has become so popular that people don’t even consider it gambling until it becomes a problem and a lot of money is spent. That can be an issue, but reasonable gamblers often find their way back, or never actually go as far as to become problematic.

Whether a gambler becomes problematic or not is a discussion for another time, but online gambling is the focus here. Online gambling takes a very long time to be set up properly; You need everything from a license, a platform, software, security and the games which you are going to offer. Casinos rarely make everything themselves, meaning that they either purchase or download the necessary software. Purchasing software further increases the cost of starting a company. Here is how you can start it with fewer expenses, meaning that there are open source online gambling platforms. Here are the best ones.

AvacsPro – Open Source and Ready to Go

AvacsPro is a fully open source platform which allows you to customize just about anything. How is that possible, well, through years of development. Some applications take time to be developed, and when they are, they hit the market and take it by storm. AvacsPro has plenty of advantages, the first one being open source, meaning that you can customize is as you fit.

It can be seamlessly integrated with almost any casino system, sportsbook system, not to mention various licenses and payment methods. The platform is designed from the ground up to meet today’s standards and integrate with everything in the easiest way possible. All of this is possible through API integration and the fact that the platform is completely open source, so that your own developers can add to it or adapt it to fit your needs.

OpenBet – An Open Framework

Imagine having access to a completely open framework which you can customize, but which already has access to lots of games from some of the world’s best developers. OpenBet provides you with such a framework. It being open means full customization is available to you. But that is just the start.

With their framework, you get access to an entire library of games, made from some of the world’ biggest developers, not to mention OpenBet’s own games. That is not a limitation, but a benefit, as you can add games which you like just as easily. The framework is made to work with HTML5 content, meaning you can run your platform from any browser, allowing cross platform integration.

You can add any sort of game you desire, from casino games to table games, slots and more. Marketing is essential today, so they have that covered. You can easily use the platform for marketing, as well as running a casino.

These are the two best open gambling platforms which you can use today. They have plenty of features and allow you to fully customize your upcoming site. Whichever you choose, you will not go wrong, especially if you prefer open source.