TeamStuff – The Best Free Sports Management Software

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Once you start managing a group of people, it is difficult to keep everyone where they need to be. If it is a sports team full of young people, that challenge becomes even more cumbersome. Young people tend to lose focus very often and to fail to meet even the basic criteria of bringing their gear and coming to training on time.

Nowadays there are countless applications that can help plan your day or even serve as entertainment. You have workout and calorie-tracking apps, apps for online shopping, and tracking your budget, mini online games, etc. Even news portals and other review sites such as CasinoEuro review can make their own app. What if, today being a very modern age, you had an application to help you with everything management-wise? How much does it cost, you ask? It’s free. What kind of application would that be and is it a joke? It’s not a joke, it’s TeamStuff, something every coach could use.

What is TeamStuff Exactly?

TeamStuff is an application which enables you to do everything management-wise when it comes to sports and family organization. Trainings, exercises, family meetings for a game of golf, ping pong and everything in between, TeamStuff has the answer for you. The application is free, meaning that you can download it on Android and iOS systems and use it as you wish. But, it being free does not mean it will leave you with every single one of its features unlocked. There is a bit of a catch.

TeamStuff Pro

TeamStuff Pro actually enables you as an individual to do more than you would be able to as a team. It is a simple, yearly payment which gives you more features like unlimited photo storage, unlimited recent events storage, opposition research and many more things. It basically enables the already great application to do more. The payment is optional, of course and you won’t be spammed with ads if you just download the application.

What Can TeamStuff Do for You?

It can do anything you want it to, from organizing field trips with tickets which can be paid for through the applications, to simply scheduling an event where people get locations and even a route, so that they can easily find it, not to mention a schedule and regular alerts so that they don’t forget. Never have your friends come late for that golf game. 

Coaching-wise, it is great as you can set it to a fully managed mode, where you get access to every feature, and you can manage someone else’s workouts, for example, a child’s or a teenager’s, helping them along the way. The app lets you be a coach, parent or both, depending on what your child or team need.

Powerful Statistics and Photo Sharing

Given that you will visit various sports events with your team, you can help track their statistics from matches against their every opponent. You can also track individual results. Sports events have great moments and really sad ones. Sharing them with your team, either as a lesson or a fond memory is available, through the app’s photo sharing option.

More Functionality – Not Just a Mobile App

Since our world is slowly becoming addicted to mobile phones, TeamStuff knows that serious work requires a keyboard and mouse. That is why the basic application is simply available through your browser. You can access it from anywhere, given that it is a bunch of web pages, but you need an internet connection. This is handy for coaches and statistics tracking, not to mention planning.

TeamStuff is the best free sports management application you can obtain today with just a click of a button.