About us

Imagine having to actually write your thesis on anything but a computer. Even a typewriter would make your life miserable while you try to get the hang of pressing every button the right way, not to mention that there you can’t really make a mistake. Actually writing a thesis would take lots of time, and your handwriting would have to be readable in order for your thesis to be worth anything. Bookkeeping or accounting would also, or rather, they were very cumbersome prior to the modern age where everything can be done on a mobile phone, let alone a desktop computer.

We are dedicated to bringing you information about software development and its various applications in our modern world. Thanks to not only hardware, but also software changes, our world is becoming much more hospitable in every way. Businesses thrive, but so do individuals. What was once a difficult task, is now still a difficult task, but with much better tools which allow for mistakes and provide us with an easy way to correct them. 

Our goal here is to share our experience with you, helping you understand what software can do to improve not only our everyday lives, but also careers.